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Live Performances

Everyone likes to listen to good old school music.  Rather it's a birthday, anniversary, or any kind of celebration part of what makes it fantastic is the entertainment.  The Ohio Trio Plus is a very entertaining group.  They sing a verity of music, from Rock to R&B Soul, Creole second line dance music . When booking your event submit a play list and watch them work, you won't be disappointed.

Writing/Song Producing 
For that  musical artist in you that need to put those words onto wax.  Bill Pittman is the man for you .  He has a history of producing fantastic work, arranging , writing, and producing those hits.  So when you need that studio time and help putting your project together book some time with Bill Pittman.  Bill has a list of musician that can come from all walks of life that can make that musical dream a reality.
Sound Reinforcement
You have an event like the (Recycling Black Dollars Mixer) and you need microphone's and sound the enhance your meeting/event.  HIre the best at it.  Bill Pittman he comes early, and prepared to work.  Don't let that event go dry and you wishing you called a sound person/crew.  
Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Please Call Bill Pittman at
323-842-0397, do not leave a message on the site. Thank you

I am the Program Coordinator at People Coordinated Services.  Whenever we hire the Ohio Trio Plus we are never disappointed.  We are a senior program and it gets them up and dancing.  Being on the cane, walker or wheelchair they groves the the sounds of OTP. even the 100 old Senior, she would not move or anyone but them.  We look forward to them coming back time and time again.  

Thank You Ohio Trio Plus (Phill, Bill,Billy and Norman) for such a wonderful time.

                                            Deborah- Program Coordinator @ PCS

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