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Lead Volcal

Philemon L. Young Jr. Over 50 years ago Philemon Young Jr. developed his love for music. From his earliest childhood, he could always remember music being a part of his home life. Music was always playing and he would sing or dance to it. His first experience with organized music was as a member of a children's gospel group The Buds of Promise The young group frequently appeared on the KGFJ radio Sunday Gospel Program. By eight years of age, Philemon knew that music was going to be his profession. He signed up for a school talent show and did an uplifting rendition of Jackie Wilson song Work Out. He received a standing ovation, his teacher smiled and Phil was hooked! The 60s came and the Temptations were creating a sensation in music. After seeing them on television, he went to school the next day and began to form his first vocal group, The Tips in 1968. The original members were friends from John Adams Jr. High in Los Angeles, Ca. The name would change to The Young Diamonds in 1970. The Young Diamonds were made up of new members,The group participated in every Thomas Jefferson High School talent show held. In 1973 Phil formed a new group called Impressive Styles, which was short lived. Another local group The Infallibles asked Phil to join their group..The Infallibles who had recently won the KGFJ radio Soul Search contest amid much local fanfare set off on tour that included stops in Japan and Canada. They opened for acts like Jackie Wilson, Kool and The Gang, The Dramatics, Rufus and Smokey Robinson. Unfortunately, Phil left the group in 1975 to concentrate on his new group Seville.

While searching for a band Phil met Bill Pittman who was part of a band known as The Ohio Trio Plus They have been together now for over twenty years. In between gigs with Seville Phil sits in as one of the lead vocalist with the Ohio Trio Plus.
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