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Bass, Vocals, Writer and Producer


Professional Experience:


This Ohio-born Aquarian moved to Los Angeles from New Jersey in 1977 to become part of the highly competitive music industry/  He has established himself as a solid bassist for such artist as Marilyn McCoo and Bill Davis, Jr., Merry Clayton, Thelma Houston, Johnny “Guitar” Watson, The Fifth Dimension, Hank Ballard and The Midnighters, Rufus Thomas, Ike Turner, Greg Walker (Santana & The Fifth Dimension) and Rose Royce since 1997.  For the eleven years and counting Bill is proud to work with CBS television’s  “Touched By An Angel” star, Ms. Della Reese,  Bill and Kevin Brandon stood side by side on stage at a special 2001 Valentines Day concert starring their respective employers Della Reese and the late O.C. Smith.


He has appeared in the HBO movie depicting Don King’s life called “Only In America” with Lou Rawls, Ving Rhames and Vondie Curtis-Hall, also the feature film, “Blade” starring Wesley Snipes; the Mike Douglas Show, Lou Rawls Telethon, Pat Boone Easter Seals Telethon, Soul Train (with Robert Palmer), the “Love You So Good” video with Greg Walker and the Johnny Carson Show.  He is formerly the Music Director and talent coordinator of “Round About L.A. “ (cable T.V.) and is independently producing local artists. In November of 1999 Bill appeared and performed in an episode of “Touched By An Angel” entitled, “The Sings My Soul” along with talented singing artists Jennifer Holiday, Greg Evigan, Jodee Macina, Keb Mo’ and Tom Sullivan.  While maintaining a hectic performing schedule, traveling, writing and producing for other artist, Bill sang, wrote and produced his own CD, summer of 2003 entitled “Capt. Swoop.”


Bill’s album credits include: Greg Walker/Taylor Made Records; High Energy/Motown Records; Wall of Voodoo/I.R.S. Records; Richard Mazda/I.R.S. Records; Rick Smith/Birdie Records.  He also co-produced the title song for the Omni-Capital movie, “Brotherhood Of Death.”  He co-produced and arranged “Love You So Good” which is the title track on the Greg Walker album.  Other duties include song writing and arranging for Joyce Kennedy (Mother’s Finest), Della Reese, Reggie D’Leon (She-Na-Na) and Marion Ramsey (Police Academy Movies I-VI).  He has a midi-production studio and is one of the founding members of a local top 40 band called “The Ohio Trio Plus.”  He has appeared in the music video “I’m The Only One” with Melisa Ethridge, the T.V. sitcom “Getting By” with Cindy Williams and Telma Hopkins.


Performed in July with the L.A. FunkFest at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles.  Currently arrangements are being made for a USO tour working with Rolls Royce doing “A Welcome

Home Show” for returning troops in early  2011.  This past summer Larry Graham (of Graham Central Station) and I had an opportunity to be part of an impromptu jam session.




Performances & Credits

            Stage Musical

“The Message Is In The Music”

Della Reese – Executive Producers


“A Once In A Life Time Musical Experience”


Rev. J.L. May & The May Gospel Ensemble

Bill Pittman, Music Director, Bass


Maurice Kitchen’s Murder Mystery

“Legends In Dark Blood”

Bill Pittman, Bass


The Ian Bagg Show

Comedy & Magic Club – Redondo Beach, Ca.

Friar’s of Beverly Hills, Ca.

Band of Brothers

Derek Organ, T.C. Campbell & Bill Pittman


Finis Henderson’s One Man Show  - Pauma Casino San Diego, Ca.

Bill Pittman, Bass



Capt. Swoop

Bill Pittman, Artist and Producer


“Just Kneel Down”

J.L. May Gospel Ensemble

Rev. J.L. May – Executive Producer

O.O.O. Lord Records

Bill Pittman, Producer/Engineer

Bill Pittman, Bass


“Never Better”

Greg Walker

Greg Walker – Executive Producer

Bill Pittman, Engineer, Bass

Produced At Bill Pittman Studios


            On The Road With

The Fifth Dimension

Rose Royce


            Artist Endorsements

Peavey Electronics  ~ Elixir Strings

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